Tuesday, July 28, 2009

"In summer, the song sings itself"
William Carlos Williams

I recommend reading Gabriel Garcia Marquez in summer. I'm not, his books are tucked away on library shelves, but if I didn't have Hemmingway, I would hunt him down right away. Hemmingway is excellent in the summertime too. It's sunny today, and humid. The walls seem to sweat with me today, nothing is dry. But the sun is bright and the breeze is soft and everyone is happy to have no rain today.

I made quiche for tea today, and had to piece together the damp dough for the crust, but it is a lovely, cheesey, fluffy quiche all the same. Moja rodzina is coming in only a couple weeks! I hope they'll let me cook for them at the cabin.

This afternoon I edit poems to send away.

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