Thursday, July 30, 2009

"All was silent as before-
All silent save the dripping rain."
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

We had lightning storms last night that lite up the whole sky; I've missed to wild thunderstorms of the midwest.

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon at the farmer's market in town - chatting with friends under the hot sun, breathing in the salty ocean scent, and avoiding petition pushers on the sidewalk. It seems like everyone who collects signatures for medical marijuana is stoned. I passed two on the sidewalk, neither seemed fully present. Generally, the medical marijuana folks outnumber all other petitions in the square, but yesterday they were overwhelmed by the health care petitions. I was asked by one girl whether I wanted "health care for all." When I asked what that meant, she was vague - it means "health care for all," of course. I had to push a bit, is that government-run health care? No, not at all acutually, it's "public-run."

The term "public-run health care" confused me. Who is in charge of running public-non-government-run health-care? The term is misleading, as though this health care change would be led by a crowd of my neighbors and friends and not by politicians. Both ideas are a bit scary.

It is dark and dripping outside. I am going to throw this afternoon, but this morning I am organizing my desk - clearing out the pile of writing I've collected, saving what is good and tossing the rest.

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  1. yeah. the health care issue is just a pipe dream-- I wish people had common sense. Ah well.....