Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"My will is absorbed in growing
and young..."

Everything is growing in the rain. I can see our late planted spinach in little green rows beside the peas, and the beans are reaching their tendrils as high as they can to grip and grow. The roses are almost blossoming and the irises are in their glory. I am having a pottery sale next weekend, and so my stockpile of pots is growing as well. I've just turned from mugs to pitchers today, and if all goes well I'll have a nice variety. I only hope the sale will be a success, it seems like little home sales are either a sweeping success or an utter failure. I'd rather not fail.

Today the sun stayed hidden behind the clouds and I couldn't fully wake up with the dim light and the soothing patter of rain agains the trees. I couldn't sleep either and lived out my day in-between - until my husband came home and woke me up with laughter.


  1. Awae, how sweet! Did I?

  2. Oh no! And I just admonished you for not editing!

  3. you did, it was a great change!