Thursday, June 11, 2009

“Go thou my incense upward from this hearth,
and ask the gods to pardon this clear flame.”
Henry David Thoreau

I love to burn incense in my little home – particularly when it’s clean and well-arranged and I have bread, butter, and honey on the table, with tea to drink and cut flowers against the window. Because of the threat of rain recently, I’ve been staying home and walking less than I’d like to be. The heavy sky makes me tired and every hour feels like evening. Today though, I’ve braved the clouds and the few daring drips that always threaten to precede a downpour but never do. I’m out with the intention of reconnecting with a few friends I’ve neglected recently, and busily doing all those internet related things that need doing. I have a list now, of things that cannot be put off or forgotten –its better for me to have lists, with little boxes to be checked off, otherwise, nothing is ever done, except the few little things I remember. I can spend a whole day busy and happy, accomplishing many things, and doing nothing necessary if I’m not careful.

I’ve been rereading Tolkien recently, he reads like the Edda or like the Russian myths I love so much. I haven’t read him in so long, I’d forgotten how unlike the usual fantasy writer he is. Read the Edda –a collection of Norse myths – then read Tolkien and you’ll see.

I'm in the library looking for something to replace Tolkien now, something very good. Any recommendations?


  1. something to replace Tolkien? I don't know, you could read the Tale of Despearux but that doesn't really replace Tolkien....I'm in such a mystery novel mood right now, I don't really have anything lovely and rich right now to recommend. Tolstoy. You could always grab Tolstoy....or Marquez...
    p.s. Em-- id on't think you can Replace Tolkien---
    ps. number two-- Read Russian Fairy Tales.....

  2. I love Russian fairy tales.