Thursday, April 2, 2009

“We are not to know why
this and that masters us;
real life makes no reply,
only that it enraptures us”
Ranier Maria Rilke

Spring is such a hopeful season. The snow is almost gone from the garden. Our landlords have laid old doors down in a path to the garage; they come everyday now to clean out old wood, trash, and tiles that have filled the garage for years. We are cleaning out as well – the car which has carried me on so many journeys is dead and gone; we’re in the process now of finding it’s replacement. My high hopes about a car he looked at this evening, a very mundane car – not like the pick-up of my dreams, but a good car all the same, and of course, when it belongs to us, it won’t be so mundane. It will be ours.

Late Lent is such an ideal time for cleaning out and changing habits. I have a card from my sister I would like to frame and hang on the wall of the blue room. I have books I would like to find a home for, and walls that want shelves. After Easter, I look forward to taking the plastic off my windows and reacquainting my rooms with the outdoor air.

This morning I am drinking cold tea and making bagels. It’s a grey day, ideal for books, tea, and working around the stove. I’m trying to convince myself to throw in the cold pottery room later today and have almost succeeded.

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