Monday, July 22, 2013


My lovely new tattoo. The full poem can be found here.  Rilke is my favorite poet, he always writes the poems I wish I could..I'm glad to have him with me now, in such a beautiful way! Thanks John Biswell, for making it perfect!


  1. It is beautiful!!! And I darn near cried when I saw the crow on FB. Love it. And you. <3

  2. Thanks Jenna! Love you too! <3

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Christie! I love it so's been wonderful to look at again and again..kind of keeps me on track!

  4. It doesn't appear to be a very practical placement for reading the poem.

    And so I'm wondering what you meant by "have him with me"?

    How is a a poem that you cannot read with you? Or if you do have it memorized, why have it written out if its more perfectly held where you can likewise better access it?

    I suppose the tattoo is probably somewhat akin to our decorating our home's walls with books, only less inviting to strangers to engage in poetic voyeurism

  5. btw, I appreciate your blog roll listing Mothering magazine. It's the first time I've ever seen it listed on a blog.

  6. I suppose it's with me in the sense that something etched onto skin becomes one with the body, and so the words and the spirit behind them are always with me..I do have the poem memorized, but memorization is less tangible than having it written on my skin. I have a crucifix on my shoulder that I rarely see at all, but having it there - I feel - binds me to Christ and marks me as His a physical way.

    I'm sort of a flighty person, I think that's one reason I get forbids forgetting the times of deep change and the people who have altered my life forever. It's a good question though, I hadn't thought about the practicality of the placement so much as the need to put writing where it will belong, and meld with my body's shape and flow. Thanks!