Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Direction on Moonless Nights

The moon and I are old friends. Especially when she waxes,near to full, and ringed with light. I’ve been lonely - looking up to the sky these past weeks - seeing only darkness. We missed The Biggest Moon in June thanks to some late afternoon storms that never left. I am resenting this tendency our earth has now of giving Maine a rainy season in June, when I’m desperate for sunny days and starry nights. It’s a small burden, I know, we have no fires, no 100 degree heat waves; only drowning gardens and seasonal affective disorder in one of our few warm months. 


As much as I’m looking forward to winter - truly, I am! - I’m looking forward to true summer as well. I live in the future, in potentials. I live in hope that a nice sunny weekend with have us finishing up projects, will find me throwing before an open window - stocking up for an autumn firing, with tomatoes ripening on the vine and roses bursting into bloom. Will leave me, late Sunday night, writing under a bright moon in the garden outside my door. Moonless, I can do little but wait - I have no compass, no friendly guide. I sit and wait and wonder - could I be doing more?


  1. I love your elderberries! And I love the moon, too, little as we get to see it around here. I'm mostly used to our near-constant cloud cover, but it's hard not to hate it when I want so much to see the stars.

    Praying for clear days and nights for you and your garden!

  2. I used to know the moon much better than I do know, and would know its tracks and phases from my bedroom window. I still love to sleep when the moonlight on my bed like a second cover. Moonless nights are dark, but remember, if the clouds clear, you'll be able to see the stars all the better for it!