Friday, March 30, 2012

Current Reads

This week I’ve been finishing Exile and the Kingdom. Camus is amazing. I felt strongest about “The Guest” and cried most at “The Renegade”. I wanted so much for “The Silent Men” to speak, and “The Adulterous Woman” reminded me so strongly of a good friend that I almost disliked it. I am reading e.e. Cummings aloud to Petka while we dance around the house, actually enjoying him. In the evenings I’ve been picking up Taproot magazine, a new independent magazine about living in the natural world. I ordered it as soon as I heard of it, and anticipated it eagerly, but when it came I found myself reading just a bit at a time, digesting, and coming back after a day or so to read again. It’s not a journal to devour, but one to consider, discuss, and reconsider. I’m thrilled to have it.

Through the day, I’ve been listening to the radio. NPR is fantastic, and in the afternoons I tend to migrate to the ‘funky’ station, where “different is good”, and where I can hear everything from John Prine to Kate Bush, from Ani deFranco to Counting Crows.

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