Thursday, March 29, 2012

50 Days..: Day 21

What 3 songs have affected you most this week, and why?

Shake it out (Florence and the Machine) - the imagery. It’s haunting, and rich and dark. The imagery fills my mind with bonfires and disturbing night shadows. The music is infectious, really. It makes me want to dance.

Let me down Hard (John Eddie) - I’ve never been through a break-up, but this song makes me almost wish I had. The attitude is everything I’d hope to express, the lyrics are fantastic.

Perfect (Pink) - this song makes me cry every time. I feel like she wrote it for her daughter, and I think of mine every time I hear it.


  1. "Somebody That I Used to Know", Gotye - awesome beat, great melody, altogether a totally captivating song. (I hope if we do break up you send your friends to pick up your records).

    "O Mio Babbino, Caro", Puccini (sung by Maria Callas) - cliche I know, but possibly the most beautiful aria I've ever heard. Gives me chills.

    "Thunder Road", Bruce Springsteen - what can I say? He's the Boss. Makes me want to drive barefoot down the road with all the windows open.

  2. P.S. "The Neglected Husband"

  3. Anonymous, I LOVE that aria. A lot. Actually, I like the Gotye song, too, and probably the Springsteen as well except that my classic rock education is a major fail and I don't recognize the title offhand. *blushes*

    This is a tough one for me, because I don't always listen to much music in a week. But...

    ...the violinist and pianist were playing Ave Maria (Schubert) as choir practice began this morning, and our director led us in a Hail Mary in English. It was one of those unexpected and glorious moments.

    ...I'm not normally a hip-hop fan, but this post on Beyonce's Single Ladies song and dance video surprised and affected me. I love dance, though I've taken very little of it and am by no means talented or skilled.

    ...and I know I mention this one repeatedly, but during choir practice last week, we sang Palestrina's O Bone Jesu. And honestly, we sucked. But even with the sopranos belting instead of working for the pure piano tone, and the tenors and altos stumbling all over their quarter notes, and the director trying to figure out how to direct it, I can't help but feel the beauty of that prayer.

  4. Haha! Neglected love, I promise to send my friends to pick up all the records, and then change my number so you can't get them back :)

    I, too really like the Single Ladies song and video, despite generally hating hip-hop..and have you heard her song Halo..I LOVE that one!

    ..The Ave experience sounds amazing!