Thursday, May 1, 2014


Happy Easter & Blessed May Day!

I ended Easter week on a low note. The sort of sickly, weak, and tender low note that left me feverish and bed-ridden for two days, and fragile for another two. Ugh. I haven't been sick like that for so long, it sort of came as a shock to me. I missed a chance to speak to people about the Liturgy (for real, I was invited to a Youth conference!), missed my husband's Shakespeare party, left all the baking up to him (he made an amazingly tasty chocolate cake!), and learned that Yarrow is the tenderest of nursemaids.

But last night, I realized how very recovered I was, and celebrated with a night of insomnia..the productive, happy, and just a bit manic sort of insomnia. It's been fun.

So here's what's coming up this month:

  • Guest poems (send along one if you're interested in some gentle, loving responses!)
  • Book reviews: More kid's books because I love them, and a few grown up books as well.
  • A few thoughts on introversion and love.
  • The long promised Pan's Labyrinth review!
  • Some of my poems to pick apart.
  • Easter Icon Reflections
  • And The Bartender's Corner.. Thanks to Seth!
 Any special requests?


  1. Oh, no, M! I'm sorry to hear you were sick and missed all the fun things. I'm glad you're better. Also, hi, Yarrow and Yarrow's chicken friend!



    I hope you didn't hate Pan's Labyrinth, M!

    1. [SPOILER : she loves it.]
      -The Neglected Husband

  2. I can't wait for ALL OF THIS.

    Review Pan's Labyrinth, and I might finally watch it! We'll see if I make Lou watch it with me... that would be easier than finding time when he isn't home...

    YAY more Bartender's Corner! I was just wondering what happened to the rest of the Firefly drinks, Seth! I have happy memories of the Shiny.

    That picture of Yarrow with the chicken is so completely adorable. :)

    1. Lent happened to them. And then post-winter budget happened to them. But now...
      -The Neglected Husband