Friday, February 21, 2014

(My dearest husband had an idea..He'll explain it below, I'm giving him occasional free-rein here to post the delicious drinks he makes for us at home all the time..I know I'm lucky, but you can say it again. Enjoy!)


            Welcome to the Bartender’s Corner; a place to indulge in completely nerd-inspired drinks and… well okay, that’s pretty much it. But isn’t that enough? I mean, what goes together better than fandom and alcohol?Anyway, enough with the excuses...

Starting off a long run of Firefly inspired cocktails we have the “Shiny”, an eminently drinkable mixture in honor of Kaylee and her “inter-engine fermentation device.” And strawberries. Everyone loves strawberries.

Six gerstlers crammed under every cooling drive so that you strain your primary atery function and you end up having to recycle secondary exhaust through a bypass system just so's you don't end up pumpin' it through the main atmofeed and asphyxiating the entire crew. Now that's junk.”
                                                                                                                             -Kaywinnit Lee Frye


Rose (does anyone know how to do that little accent thingy over the 'e'?) wine, chilled
4 or 5 strawberries
1 lime for zest and juice

Chop all but one of the berries into your glass; then toss in a pinch of lime zest and about 1/4 tablespoon of lime juice. 
With lime zest. I know you're not stupid, I just had so many pretty pictures...
Chopped berries.

Next, fill glass about half full of wine and add a splash or two of seltzer...

 ... garnish with the last berry and enjoy!

Yeah, I had no skewers available so I used an iced tea spoon - I suppose a wrench would also be appropriate.


  1. I'm making one of these tonight. Thank you. #kayleeforever #shiny #wishIcouldfixspaceshipstoo

  2. Let me know how you liked it! And stay tuned - Shepherd Book's and Mal's both involve whiskey, and Inara's is quite a fancy concoction (#hopeyoulikecoconut).
    -The Neglected Husband

  3. Super good! I overdid the rosé (if you have a number pad/10-key on your keyboard, hold down the Alt key and type 0233 to get the é; if you don't, you can copy and paste like I do...) in comparison with the lime juice, because I couldn't taste the latter till I got to the bottom of the glass, and only barely then. I'll make another one tonight and try to shoot the balance better.

    Ooh, I definitely want to try Inara's. :D

  4. HOLD THE PHONE. Kaywinnet? Any potential future offspring, either genetic or adopted, better try their darndest to be a boy because that's just made the baby name list. Now how am I going to explain that one to people? (I missed that that was her full name, but I can imagine Mal affectionately scolding her like a parent with it!)

    This recipe is incredibly easy. Do the strawberries flavor it quite a lot or is there just a hint?

  5. Also, today I had to fight a huge craving to plop down and re-watch the entire series of Firefly. A very inconvenient time indeed!

  6. Jenna-
    Maybe try stirring it around to mix more evenly? The seltzer does help to highlight the lime though, so more of that should help...
    (And thanks for the accent help!)

    It's fairly mildly strawberry but that might also be because it's February. I'll get back to you on how it tastes with fresh berries...
    (PS At least re-watch "Shindig" - that's where her full name gets screen-time...)

    -The Neglected Husband

  7. Well, I stirred it the first time. But I went more balanced with the ingredients last night AND stirred it, and it was FANTASTIC. I might try adding more seltzer tonight, too. Lou's still away, so I've had a whole bottle of wine and basket of strawberries to experiment with. Thanks for the tips!!