Friday, August 2, 2013

[Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real]


I've never been so proud of my gardens!!! Look at those beds! And this was taken back in the empty third bed is full of basils (Thai, Lemon, Lime and 'normal'), the poppies are blooming, the greens are over-running us!

  My husband built the little patio this spring, and surrounded it with yarrow, comfrey, radishes, and little flowers. 

 And the Surprise Lily! We did not plant this..I've no idea where it came from, but I was thrilled when it blossomed!


Because playing outside is the Best!..


Lots of rainy days in summer have driven us to this:
 so much so that Yarrow will point to the computer in the evenings and say "Watch. Da'ia. Watch. Da'ia?" It's kind of embarrassing..


Rainy days also bring out the creative in all of us..desperate for some indoor fun, my husband set up The Swing:

The Swing was such a hit we had a hard time convincing her to let us take it down.."bye, bye you too swing!"

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