Thursday, March 7, 2013

My life this week. briefly

Spring is on the way! Mud season has begun, I think..which means I need to get propane for the freezer again. Ugh..why is life so full of .. Life? Our driveway is a mess! And mud-season is the season for intense yard should be interesting.

Yarrow has been nursing more, sleeping more, and being a fussy little mess more these days, which has distracted me from everything! Especially as she really doesn’t want to be sleeping alone. And, getting to the halfway point of Lent is making me crabby and full of unfulfilled longings for things I can’t have ‘til Easter - especially cream in my coffee!

I need to touch up my hair and take a bath..or should I write..or workout..or clean..hmm, maybe I’ll just clean. Again. Cleaning gives me such a sense of peace and order..until Seth comes home and starts living in the clean space.

I recently posted a reflection on handguns on Piekno..There are many such reflections in my mind as I work to simplify, not only my physical life, but my mental and spiritual life. It’s definitely a growing process, and as such, has some pains along with it, do read it and offer your direction - gently- I have high hopes of becoming someone who can be directed by the wisdom of others.

We only have bad coffee left in the house…and the only store I can walk to stock Instant (ewww!!) How exactly do people build productive lives?? Anyone know?? I’m off to make lists of things that must be done, things I should think about a lot before doing, and things that can be given up as hopeless..then I should do them, but I’ll probably just clean again instead.

Blessed busy days to you all! Hopefully I’ll be more coherent tomorrow.


  1. You're so funny! I think that picture says it all.

    "until Seth comes home and starts living in the clean space"

    Ugh, why _is_ that with husbands? (No offense, Seth.) c;

  2. I don't know..but it really is!! Not that Yarrow is much better :)

  3. We husbands have a sacred duty to render real and sacramental the love and devotion with which our wives treat the home - i.e. if there was no mess, what would you clean?
    -The Neglected Husband