Tuesday, September 4, 2012

3 Things

3 Habits I wish I had:
Correspondence: I long to be one of those people who write letters, real print letters, to friends all across the country. Thoughtful letters. Letters that belong in books after my death. I long to be one of those people who devote an hour in the morning, at least once a week to letter-writing. I am not that person. I try, sometimes, but it hasn’t worked out yet.

Walking: It seems so attractively ‘country’ to go for a walk before or after lunch - and not just to get the mail and back, but really ramble around for a while. I do this occasionally, but a regular walk to think and to enjoy the world would be a fantastic habit.

Journaling: I have about five journals. I write in them often, but I don’t have what I would consider a consistent journal. Each of mine begins well, flounders, is lost then found again, changes purpose, and finally is abandoned. I want to journal well, reflectively, consistently, and always with a very good pen. I would like to write in the morning about the dreams I had the night before and the plans I have for the day ahead. I would like to write in the evening about the day that was, and about the day to come. I don’t, in part because it’s hard to find a nice pen in the evening.

3 Habits I wish I didn’t have:

Procrastination: The primary reason I get very little done until the absolute last moment.

Justification: “Well, really, since I’m putting it off til tomorrow, there’s no reason I shouldn’t just run down to the store to check facebook..in fact, I’m pretty sure there’s something I needed to check online..something…Oh, that recipe I wanted to save, that’s right, I might make it next month, I really should write it down today..” The foundation upon which all procrastination rests.

Spooking myself at night: If my husband is up, I’m fine, but if he’s sleeping, I suddenly remember every nighttime warning I’ve ever known: Don’t brush your hair before a mirror after dark, you’ll see the devil there. Don’t look in a mirror either, you’ll welcome him in. Don’t leave out milk our you’ll meet the dead, don’t go out between 12 and 3…It makes the night a bit creepy at times.

3 Habits I’m glad I have:

Tea in the afternoon: There is nothing better than sitting down with a hot cup of tea or coffee and a boursin & homegrown tomato sandwich..or just bread and butter, or even just the tea and a book, or a husband, or a greedy child, and relaxing.

Running: I just started, so I can’t say it’s a full-blown habit yet, but it’s an embryo-habit, and that’s something. I love the whole experience.

Coffee and writing in the morning: Either alone before everyone is up, or while Yarrow shoves fistfuls of oatmeal in her face, the morning routine is a blessing.

What about you? Habits you hope for, habits you hope to conquer, habits you cherish?


  1. Great meme, and I love your answers. :)

    3 Habits I wish I had:

    1) Definitely walking, year in and year out. I am not good at getting exercise.

    2) Going to bed on time. Yeah. I don't.

    3) Getting up early. Most of the time, I feel run over if I get up before seven.

    3 Habits I wish I didn't have:

    1) Picking at my skin (might be shameful to admit that on the internet)

    2) Getting nervous whenever I'm forced to be around more than three people at once

    3) Second-guessing myself over every. last. decision.

    3 Habits I'm glad I have:

    1) Blogging

    2) Having my household chores in basic routine (yeah, I know, it's easier for those who don't have kids)

    3) Lauds (morning prayer)

  2. Thanks! Your answers are great..

    Does anyone go to bed on time?..It seems like a hopeless goal to me, but then, I didn't sleep at all last night, I read "The Help" instead, so I'm not one to talk.

    I get nervous around bunches as well, especially because I spend half the time thinking "oh damn, that sounded wrong" "I should have said something else.." "Everyone thinks I'm a dork for talking about Kierkegaard, again." :)

    I never actually had my household chores in a basic routine, I think people with kids blame the kids, when really, it's often something defective in our own nature. I like to misremember now, and imagine myself In Routine, but I lie, the routine defect has always been there, before Yarrow I just called it "Artistic Temperment" or "I Just Moved Off-Grid and am Too Busy" or sometimes just Laziness. Actually, I still call it all those things.. I'm glad you have a routine though, it's something I still strive for, and try to pretend my way into having :)

    And Morning Prayer is Such a fantastic way to start the day!!! I wish I had that one!