Tuesday, March 13, 2012

50 Days of Self Reflection: Day 17

What would you hope to be remembered for by those you love?

I have an image in my mind of my grandmother, my mother’s mother. In my mind, she is the giver of things, warm, loving, generous. The maker of good food, the matriarch of her family. I don’t care so much about being a matriarch, but I would like to be remembered for love, joy, generosity, and really good food. My grandmother - bushia - haunts my imagination, whispering recipes as I cook and helping me grow into the woman I want to be remembered as.


  1. Lovely green blog background picture!

    Faith and hope. Delight. Love. Making people comfortable and welcomed. And a pure heart, which probably means I should give over swearing and sarcasm. ;)

  2. Thanks! I'm really partial to this one, I think it'll stay for a while.

    Beautiful thoughts too! I'm sure swearing and sarcasm can fit, if they're used right..at least, I hope so! :)

  3. Damn straight they can...
    The Neglected Husband