Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Magic

Everything depends on Christmas Eve. I like to wake early that morning especially to make sure my house is clean. If the yurt is clean on Christmas Eve, cleaning will be easier all year long, dirt won't stick and dust won't take over in the hidden places. Last year, my house was only superficially clean, and it has remained so all year, despite my efforts. This year will be different - I say it every year, and mean it every year, but living it is difficult.

I clean deeply the days leading up to the Eve, and work hard all day to make sure that the cleanliness stays. I think dirt works harder to creep in on Christmas Eve, so to have a home all year. Discord is the same. I work to avoid even minor unpleasantness, to keep it from our lives in the months to come. Christmas Eve is a day to live as we would like the year to go, full of love and freshness.

I have all of Advent now to prepare for the magic of Christmas Eve,  make it a day of goodness, to banish laziness and delay. I've begun with the Altar, where all the Saints give encouragement, and with luck will move along the walls, making my home ready for Christmas to work it's magic.


  1. Well said. And your lit-up yurt is SO ADORABLE.

  2. Thanks! There might be a lot more on Christmas Eve, I was thinking of doing all of Advent on Christmas Magic, since there's so much of it!

    I love the yurt in winter, it feels like a little ski-lodge (what I imagine a ski-lodge would feel like), or a overly-romanticized peasant-cottage in a Russian fairy-tale.

  3. Beautiful!!

    Our yurt in winter was a joy and very fairy-tale-ish! Enjoy!! XXXOOO

  4. Thanks Allie!

    We are enjoying so much!