Saturday, July 2, 2011

The seedlings are in, and growing. The gardens look better than I'd
expected them to, and since moja Matka has come, we've been picking strawberries,
 canning jam, and widening the road into the property. I check the garden daily - loving it,
 and anticipating food.

We had some under, and over ripe strawberries which went
 to the chickens, who loved them almost as much as they love hiding
 underneath the truck. It's not a good habit for chickens to pick up - the hiding,
 and it makes Luba nervous, she likes to be able to watch them all the time.

This weekend my husband made a salve for the baby, Calendula blossoms soaked
in olive oil, and thickened with beeswax. It feels lovely, smells fantastic,
and ought to soothe soft skin well enough.

Luba has been chasing the sunlight all afternoon - both
inside and out. The yurt's dome makes a circle of light that
 moves across the floor asthe day goes by, and Luba loves the spotlight.
She finds it, poses for the camera
and then moves on.

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