Monday, January 17, 2011

I thought I'd share some photos of our home - deep in snow. I'm nearly done with a brief post on superstition, but I want my husband to look it over first, and clear it of the abundant commas, mis-spellings, and sudden distractions that often litter my drafts. After 'superstition,' I'm thinking of continuing along the theme with a few posts on the relationship of certain saints to herbs, my relation to particular saints, and the Christian myths that woodland-living have restored to us. I hope these posts will actually be completed, and I hope they turn out to be somewhat interesting to everyone! Let me know if you'd like to add topics, or if the posts I'm planning sound too boring for words.

Our Lady of the Outdoors: bravely weathering the cold.

The path to the outhouse. Doesn't it look cozy nestled among the trees!

Our little home, just shoveled out after the storm.

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