Sunday, December 13, 2009

"Gaudete in Domino semper: interum dico, gaudete."

Gaudete Sunday is here - already! I wore pink to Mass, in the form of a pink headscarf, wrapped around my head and twisted in front. It is so thrilling to dress in accordance with the daysI felt fully alive with the joy of the day - and so much a part of the Liturgy; as though I'd fallen into it and, instead of merely participating, I was swimming in it - swallowing whole mouthfuls, the way we do in the ocean, when a huge wave hits.

After Mass we had friends over for brunch. It is so much easier to prepare a brunch now that we attend the earlier Liturgy. I have a whole two hours of time in which to clean, chop, bake, and boil.

Now the snow is falling in fast little flakes, making the night bright with reflected light. I love snowy nights when we are at home and can just sit and watch the falling snow gather all around us. Our lights are dim inside to let the glow warm our windows. We have coffee, a warm bed, and so many blessings. How could we not rejoice?

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