Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"Autumn is a second spring, when every leaf is a flower."

Albert Camus

October is a month when anything and everything can be done with love. I have so much energy and so much interest in the world when the leaves are red and gold and the water is wild and cold. Water is so much more watery in autumn: its last dance before winter makes ice of it all. We've passed lakes, all dark blue and white capped with autumn energy, and I can feel the water calling to me - looking deliciously deep - inviting one last swim.

Our apartment is still not warm, though I've fired today and raised the temperature ten degrees - from cold to chilly. I gave our icons new candles to 'keep them warm,' or at least assure them they are not neglected in the cooler months. I've always thought of our icons as very present, living things in our home - watching out with their wide eyes for us, helping with their good, God-magic - their saintly interference; so its important to us to respond to that, in our little way, with flowers and candles and kisses - just as we respond to God, little things He doesn't really need in return for all His good gifts. That's not to say I see my icons as little gods - they're not, but they do connect me to Christ, and to the Church Triumphant, like little windows letting in the warmth of His light.

Its difficult explain my relation to icons sometimes, without sounding pagan. Our little corner of the world has absorbed too much that is either puritan or else materialistic to be comfortable with mystery. I remember Busha used to say 'don't point at holy pictures' (usually when we pointed at her) and I always remember it when I look at my icons and in my mind I link the two: Busha and the little living prayers on my wall. Both so far from the way the world sees truth today and so very close to the way Truth sees Himself.

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  1. funny-- Julia Quoted the Camus quote to me when I was complaining about the cold....

    All I have to say is obviously Camus did not live in