Tuesday, August 19, 2008

“If God has made a law then it is this: Be solitary from time to time, for He can come only to a single one – or to a pair between whom He can no longer distinguish.”
-Ranier Maria Rilke

Our life here has been full of visitors recently: my sister-in-law (and dear friend), her husband and children, my sister, and brother-in-law, other in-laws and friends. The house has been loud, laughing, and busy for weeks; so much so, that when the last of our guests had been deposited at the airport, we breathed a sigh of relief and ran home to hide away for days together and alone.

We spent our solitary weekend sweeping up the dust our guests left behind, restocking the pantry, and relishing the loveliness of our home. Our back porch particularly, is a haven – surrounded by overgrown grass and tangling vines of beans and roses it seems so secluded – the ideal spot for a late-night cordial or clove, an evening picnic on a rainy day, or simply to sit and listen to the sounds of the neighborhood and my husband’s guitar.

One of the blessings of solitude is the opportunity to run back to God. It is so easy to drift from Him in the busy, bustling times when guests and their entertainment keep me distracted. In solitude, I can slow down and see more of the beauty of life, sip my coffee slowly and wash my floors well. There are few things more satisfying than a well-washed floor and the smell of Murphy’s oil soap and incense.


  1. what a peaceful scene you've painted. I wonder if eden was like that and if in our solitude we find bits and pieces of eden.

  2. Oh thank you! What a beautiful image - finding bits and pieces of Eden scattered along a garden path, to be plucked only in solitude.