Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"If you like metaphysics throw pots."
      ~Annie Dillard

I like metaphysics, as a hobby. Throwing pots is more serious, more a part of life; but I like metaphysics, and so I throw pots. Recently, my husband moved my wheel from the shed to the not-quite complete kitchen where it'll live for a while.

I've missed throwing. For the past year I haven't had the space set up to throw, though I bought a kick wheel before we moved.  My etsy shop has languished and all the my pots have stayed in my mind.

Annie Dillard says it is the material that matters to the writer, the many things of life. I like the material things as  well, and I see what she means - throwing they are a distraction - writing, they inspire.


  1. Ok, this has nothing to do with your post, but I can't comment on the other blog, so: 1. That picture of Y.P. in a kerchief caused instant death from cuteness, and 2. I was subsequently resurrected by the Deeper Magic of cuteness in the photo of how tiny she is compared to her dad. ADORABLES.

    And, to bring it back to the topic at hand: Does this mean you're throwing again? 10000 YAYS.

  2. She is adorable...and you can comment on Piekno now, I didn't realize it was messed up.

  3. I just tried it again, and you're right!


    Hope you guys are doing well!